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Split Collar and Magnet Assemblies

These aluminum split collars provide a mounting platform for the magnets that are used to trigger the sensor when monitoring the revolutions of a shaft. They are typically used on rear end yokes or couplers to provide driveshaft RPM. Each collar is approximately .375” wide and houses two magnets which are located 180° apart. Custom size and dual magnet collars are available by special order.

2 Magnet Collars
8 Magnet Collars
Check out our new 8-magnet collars. Perfect for automatic-equipped vehicles, to assist in picking up driveshaft RPM sooner than a conventional 2-magnet collar.
Available in three popular sizes.

Split Collar Assembly
        (Two magnets located 180° apart)
1.375” ID 800-CL-2M-137
1.625” ID 800-CL-2M-162
1.812” ID 800-CL-2M-181
1.875” ID 800-CL-2M-187
2.125” ID 800-CL-2M-212
2.187” ID 800-CL-2M-218
3.187” ID 800-CL-2M-318
3.250” ID 800-CL-2M-325
3.500” ID 800-CL-2M-350
Dual Split Collar Assembly
         (Two pairs of magnets located 180° apart)
1.625” ID 800-CL-D2M-162
1.700” ID 800-CL-D2M-170
1.750” ID 800-CL-D2M-175
2.000” ID 800-CL-D2M-200
2.187” ID 800-CL-D2M-218
Magnet Only, .250” dia. x .200” long 800-MG-SM-.25

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