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Temperature Sensors

Exhaust Gas Thermocouples

V-Net systems and V-series recorders use two types of thermocouple setups to monitor the exhaust gas temperatures, one for an individual cylinder application and another for 3 or 4 cylinder groups.

Measuring the EGTs on a single cylinder application is accomplished using a thermocouple that features an inline, two-prong mini-connector. This connector provides the union between the thermocouple and the V-Net module. A selection of single cylinder thermocouples is shown on next page.

The most frequently used setup is the four thermocouples with junction box combination. This setup simplifies the installation on V8 engines by grouping the four thermocouples on each cylinder bank into a common junction box. The junction box then provides a single wire connection to the V-Net module to facilitate service work. A similar setup is available for V6 engines.

V-Net applications also use two styles of thermocouples. Four cylinder motorcycles make use of the .187-inch diameter tip bullet-style thermocouples, while Harley-Davidsons and the automotive applications employ the .250-inch diameter Stinger-style thermocouples. When replacing a thermocouple probe, use the illustration alongside the chart on the next page to determine the length you will need. The thermocouples used with the junction boxes, and some individual thermocouple components that are often requested, are shown in the chart below.

Length .187" Dia. Bullets
.250 Dia. Stingers
9"   800-TC-S4-09
12" 800-TC-B3-12  
13"   800-TC-S4-13
16" 800-TC-B3-16  
18"   800-TC-S4-18
19" 800-TC-B3-19  
21"   800-TC-S4-21
22" 800-TC-B3-22
23"   800-TC-S4-23
Set of 4 (one of each length) 800-TC-B3-SET 800-TC-S4-SET2
(1 ea 18", 23", 28", 32")
(1 ea 13", 18", 21", 28")
Set of 8 (two of each length)   800-TC-S4-SET1
(2 ea 9", 13", 18", 23")


Nut & Ferrule Assembly   800-TX-NF4
Weldment Only   800-TX-WELD4
Weldment Only (set of 4)   800-TX-WELD404
Weldment Only (set of 8)   800-TX-WELD408
Weldment Only, Stainless   800-TX-WELD4SS
Weldment Cap Only   800-TX-CAP4
Weldment, Nut, Ferrule Assy. 800-TX-WASM3 800-TX-WASM4
Infrared Temperature Sensor 810-SN-IR-T-200
This sensor remotely monitors the temperature of a surface from a distance of 2"-24". Perfect for measuring tire or track temperatures, this sensor also works well for reading the temperature of other moving items like belts, clutch assemblies and much more. The sensor comes with a 42" long lead that is terminated with a three pin Molex connector. Requires 0-5 volt module.  
Cylinder Head Temperature Assembly 800-TC-HT-ASM
This thermocouple-type sensor monitors the temperature of the metal, not the coolant. The ring-style probe has a 12" long cable that is terminated with a two pin male miniature connector.  
Liquid Temperature Sensor, 0-300°F 810-TR-300
An alternative when monitoring liquid temperature is this sensor. When the thermocouple-style assembly cannot be used, usually due to space, this temperature sensor is employed. Sensor employs semi-conductor technology and installs into a 1/8" NPT fitting.
Manifold Temperature Assembly, Thermocouple-Style 800-TC-MT-ASM
This small open end thermocouple probe reacts quickly to changing temperatures, making it ideal for monitoring both intake manifold and bellhousing temperatures. Right angle probe is attached using a 1/8" NPT compression fitting. Assembly features a 12" long cable with a two pin male mini-connector.
Miniature Thermocouple Connectors  
Miniature Thermocouple Connector, Male 800-TC-CON-M
Miniature Thermocouple Connector, Female 800-TC-CON-F
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